Wednesday 28 March 2018

A Day in Miraflores, Lima.

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OK! The adventure starts on Sunday next at Los Pantanos de Villa nature reserve, south of Lima, Peru. After the day spent there birding with friends, the adventure of my lifetime is ahead; six months of cycling, packrafting and birding. Six months to experience oceanic coastline, desert, mountains and rainforest. Six months to try and see more than 618 bird species, the incredible Green Birding list that is the current World Green Birding Year list record held by Dorian Anderson of the USA.

27th March 2018 – Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Up early for here, late for the UK and out, after unpacking the bike and putting it together. A walk down to Parque Kennedy to sit and watch as birds came into the trees, avoiding the many cats to be found here. Tropical Kingbirds, Long-tailed Mockingbirds, Red-faced Parakeets and West Peruvian Doves with more colour to be found on the superb Vermilion Flycatcher and an Amazilian Hummingbird. Good numbers of Southern Beardless Tyrannulets are in amongst the dense foliage. Lots of Shiny Cowbirds are on the grass, some allowing one to walk right by them.

To the beach and more surfers out amongst the breakers than I had seen here before, more sunbathers on the pebbles too. Lots of plastic on the pebbles and after watching the numerous Rainbow Crabs on the rocks, I empty a large carrier bag of my banana sandwiches and set to clearing as much as I can from a section of the beach.

Two carrier bags full I take to a bin with larger pieces of plastic placed in the bin too, I return to the cleared spot to find more has already been deposited by the waves! How much plastic is out there?

Other than a small number of Franklin's Gulls on telegraph wires, far fewer than I have seen here previously, and a few Inca Terns on the pier stanchions, there are few birds close in shore. About a half mile out to sea though a very large flock of Peruvian Boobies and Pelicans and both Guanay and Neotropic Cormorants are actively fishing, following what must be a huge shoal of fish. The flock remains vibrant, diving in by their hundreds for half an hour or so and come closer to the end of a rocky jetty. Slowly the action fades and birds drift off.

It is hot, 28 degrees Celsius and I walk back to San Isidro via a supermarket where the lack of plastic wrapping on the superb fruit and veg is evident. How sad that this will change over the coming years. As if we need more plastic!

Love to you all, Gary.

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