Tuesday 28 June 2016

Just a Quickie!

I am now in Amble Northumberland having cycled from York via Hartlepool and Sunderland.
Bonaparte's gull now added to the year list, which now stands at 257; 48 to go.
I am trying to see roseate terns which are nesting on an island about a mile off shore from where I am. I have seen a number of terns that could be roseates but I am not fully convinced. As with the reed-marsh warbler from a few weeks back, I need to 100% convinced i have seen the bird.
As for the Bonaparte's, what an easy bird to find and see. I arrived at the shore side of the estuary and there were only two gulls; an adult black-headed and the Yank. Cracking. Very tame, it paddled and flew and all within a few yards of me, well thirty or so.

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